Hecorbox of Flexibility

Personalize your privacy booth to match your brand and enhance your office environment.

9 exterior colors
9 interior colors
✅More than 81 colors option.
✅1-Year warranty.
✅1.5h Easy installation

Hecor’s 1-person office phone booth provides a private and noise-free environment for individuals seeking a space to focus on their work, make calls, or hold virtual meetings. With sound insulation of at least 30 dB and adjustable ventilation, users can customize their experience to their preferences.


Key features:


  • Double-layer laminated glass for superior sound insulation.
  • Aluminum frame for durability.
  • Labyrinth-style air ducts for a silent fresh air system.
  • Portable and versatile with concealed wheel mobility system.
  • Customizable to fit your office, culture, and brand.
Product Size


  • 90.55″(ext.)/85.43″(int.) | 2300mm(ext.)/2170mm(int.)


  • 43.32″(ext.)/37.2″(int.) | 1075mm(ext.)/945mm(int.)


  • 38.98″(ext.)/35.31″(int.) | 990mm(ext.)/897mm(int.)


  • 660LB | 300KG
  • Our standard office pods can be manufactured and shipped within 7 days.
  • Custom models take 10-25 days to manufacture.
  • Office pods arrive in 6-8 weeks and are shipped in a secure box.
  • Contact info@hecoracoustics.com for expedited shipping options.

Furniture option

Select from a diverse range of colorful furniture to match your unique style, or use your own furniture.

S-01 chair

S-02 horizontal table

S-03 glass writing board

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