X-large office meeting pod

Ideal for larger team gatherings, this setup offers excellent sound insulation and a comfortable workspace.

8 exterior colors
9 interior colors
✅More than 72 colors option.
✅2 hours easy installation
✅1-Year warranty.

Meet Hecor’s soundproof meeting pod for 6 folks – your team’s new favorite spot for working together. It’s big, private, and perfect for meetings, brainstorming, and figuring things out. The sound insulation is top-tier, so it’s super quiet and comfy. Plus, its cool design and flexible layout make it just right for any modern office.


Key features:


  • Really good soundproofing means no outside noise.
  • LED lights and a ventilation system, so everyone’s comfy.
  • Large tempered glass door for increased natural light and visibility.
  • It’s built to last with an aerospace-grade aluminum frame.
  • You can arrange it how you like and add features that work for your space.
Product Size


  • 91.6″(ext.)/84.5″(int.) | 2326mm(ext.)/2146mm(int.)


  • 102.4″(ext.)/96.9″(int.) | 2600mm(ext.)/2462mm(int.)


  • 97.9″(ext.)/96.3″(int.) | 2487mm(ext.)/2447mm(int.)


  • 1598.4LB | 725KG
  • Our standard office pods can be manufactured and shipped within 7 days.
  • Custom models take 10-25 days to manufacture.
  • Office pods arrive in 6-8 weeks and are shipped in a secure box.
  • Contact info@hecoracoustics.com for expedited shipping options.

Furniture option

Select from a diverse range of colorful furniture to match your unique style, or use your own furniture.

XL-Wall mounted bar-height meeting table

XL-Meeting table

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