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Office phone booth

Hecor office phone booth is a small, enclosed space that you can use to make phone calls, video calls, or take a break. It is the perfect place to get some privacy and silence when you need it.

Office Conversation Booth

The best office phone booth by Hecor is the perfect solution for private, one-on-one conversations in the office!

This innovative space is ideal for 1-2 people, and offers a peaceful and distraction-free environment for important discussions.

Office Meeting Booth - 4 Person

Hecor 4 person phone booth can comfortably seat 1-4 people and has a stylish interior space that will make your meetings and brainstorming sessions more productive. It is also highly adaptable to your business’s needs and can be outfitted with the latest technology and amenities.

Get the peace of mind and concentration you need to succeed by investing in one of our office pods today.

Office Meeting Pod - 6 Person

This modular office booth can accommodate up to eight people, so it’s great for small meetings or collaboration sessions.

And since it’s soundproof and echo-free, you won’t have to worry about disturbing the office or being disturbed by office noise. So go ahead and get down to business in peace and quiet!