Hecorpod phone booth

The phone booth offers a soundproof, private, and comfy spot just for you, perfect for phone calls and online meetings.

8 exterior colors
9 interior colors
✅More than 72 colors option.
✅1-Year warranty.
✅1.5h Easy installation

Meet Hecor’s 1-person office phone booth – it will be your new favorite spot for zero distractions. Whether it’s calls, work, or video chats, this booth is a quiet haven just for you. It keeps noises out with top-notch soundproofing, and you can even tweak the air flow to your liking.


Here’s what’s great about it:


  • It’s got double-layer glass to block out sound really well.
  • Built with a sturdy aluminum frame for lasting use.
  • The air system is super quiet, thanks to its clever design.
  • Easy to move around with hidden wheels.
  • Plus, you can make it fit your office style and brand perfectly.
Product Size


  • 91.6″(ext.)/84.5″(int.) | 2326mm(ext.)/2145mm(int.)


  • 42.5″(ext.)/37.1″(int.) | 1080mm(ext.)/942mm(int.)


  • 39.4″(ext.)/37.8″(int.) | 1000mm(ext.)/960mm(int.)


  • 584.2LB | 265KG
  • Our standard office pods can be manufactured and shipped within 7 days.
  • Custom models take 10-25 days to manufacture.
  • Office pods arrive in 6-8 weeks and are shipped in a secure box.
  • Contact info@hecoracoustics.com for expedited shipping options.

Furniture option

Choose from a variety of colorful furniture to suit your personal taste, or feel free to use your own furniture.

Pneumatic adjustable stool

S-WM L-shape accent table

S-Wall mounted perch seat

S-Square bench

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